From the farmer himself - Craig Hinchcliffe.
"On our farm at the end of 2016 we introduced, for the first time, some dorper rams to join with a mob of dorper ewe lambs we had purchased for breeding purposes.  What I hadn't fully appreciated was how skilled dorper rams are at escaping from almost any confine, particularly when their hormones are in full season.  So as fate would have it, not long after these randy romeos had arrived at Glenlee Farm, l discovered they had relocated themselves from the paddock with the young dorper ewes, into a nearby paddock with mature white suffolk ewes - a prize mob of superior genetics I had intended for our mob replacement breeding program. To my initial horror, this dastardly dorper dalliance was a definite disaster.
In mid 2017, however, a strange mix of painted lambs were gallivanting around Glenlee Farm that were completely unexpected.  The random mix of colours, shapes and shades were like nothing seen before (and like nothing we expect to see again).
Subsequently, Glenlee Farm has been sold to a large merino enterprise so we do not expect to see any further such pelts being produced. These 'wild lamb' pelts are natures reminder that seeming disasters can give rise to surprisingly wonderful outcomes."

These hides would make a gorgeous addition to any home - each one is unique and they are so soft!

Hide dimensions

WLS002 - 950cm x 730cm

Proudly Australian - born and bred in the Grampians, Victoria.

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