Pampeano means ‘from the Pampa’, an area of Argentina renowned for its vast rolling plains and beautiful estancias.

Combining Argentine craftsmanship with British luxury, pampeano houses the finest polo equipment and our eponymous, exquisite, pampeano polo belts.

The iconic ‘pampa’ diamonds on each piece are ancient South American depictions of the Andes Mountains which have been passed down through families of local artisans for generations.

Vibrant wax-dipped saddlery threads have been used to hand-weave each pattern in a meticulous process that cannot be replicated by machine.Each impeccably hand-crafted leather belt within these collections require the complete expertise of pampeano’s artisans; from the hand-selection of the finest buttery leathers to the intricacy of the iconic hand-stitching found on each polo belt. 

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