From Australia to the garage in his hometown Piombino, where the first shoes, made with recycled tires and leather, were born. He opened the first sudio close to the sea, still in Piombino, where he soon opened a space open to the public; the “team” in those days was made up of his mother, his girlfriend and a group of young musicians who fell in love with the project, driven by that unusual mission and by such original products. A few years later he decided to move to the countryside, in Fucecchio, in order to facilitate production. He set up his home-studio-workshop, started working on vegetable tanned leather and created the first collections, made of models now become iconic as its “Peter Pan”, produced either with leather treated with natural processes respecting the animal, and with natural fabrics such as canvas, latex and hemp. Great attention to the procedure too: the work has always been done in a traditional way, with a very long preparation and a production process that has about 150 steps, those that are skipped with industrialization and make shoes easily break after a while.
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