200 YEARS - The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

This is the garden that gave the world the Wollemi Pine—previously known only from 40,000 year old fossils. The garden that brought to Australia the worlds biggest, stinkiest flower—the penis-shaped Giant Stinking Arum.

Early in 2016 Sydneys Royal Botanic Garden—one of the worlds best—will turn 200. A year of fanfare and celebrations will draw public attention to Australias oldest scientific institution, and its handsome illustrated book. Not just the shrubs and trees, but the amazing collections of beautiful drawings, archives, seeds and specimens are presented—along with highlights of the Gardens distinguished contributions to science and horticulture.

The Gardens chequered history, together with the parties, celebrations, sports and shenanigans it hosted are covered in chapters by impressive contributors. Readers meet a distinguished line of colourful characters, beginning with Sir Joseph Banks, and encounter the art and literature that the Botanic Gardens have inspired.
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