ANIMALS IN CHARGE - Wild Flower + Brass Collar


We discovered this limited run roll of denim that looked like Grandmas curtains. It's daggy and retro, but dice it up into collars and magic happens. The shades of green foliage and brass are a match made in heaven, and the little pops of wild flowers give it that peacock factor. This is a very special collar. Enjoy! 


Small: 25cm - 31cm 
Medium: 31cm - 38cm 
Large: 38cm - 45cm
Extra Large: 45cm - 52cm

Small size collars have a petite width of 15mm.
Medium, Large, and Extra Large collars are 20mm wide.

**To measure your dogs collar size, use a measuring tape snuggly around the neck. Add two cm for breathing space**

About this collar

  • Handmade in Australia
  • Cotton exterior for beauty
  • Synthetic core for strength
  • Sewn and hand riveted
  • 100% solid brass hardware

Each collar is made from found fabrics, for their beautiful appearance. Some ever so slight variations may occur in stitching and pattern due to each being lovingly handmade.

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