If you are looking for this season's must have luxury decor accessory to add character and style to a room, then your search is over. These all natural spot shearling sheepskin throw rugs are on trend and super cosy to drape over furniture or use as a soft floor covering.

The inviting texture of a shearling hide is distinctively short with a tight curl. Its smooth suede leather hide back will ensure it is non-slip. 

The textured finish of shearling is currently in high demand in the interior design industry. It is highly sort after for the upholstery of single chairs, lounges, ottomans and cushions due to its lightweight, yet hard-wearing and cosy textured aesthetic.

Being a natural product, sourced as an animal by-product, each hide is truly unique in shape and size, with the average size approximately 110cm x 75cm.

We ensure the creation of this hide accent is both sustainable and environmentally friendly, following strict tanning processes free from harmful chemicals so that it is perfectly safe for you, your family and pets. 


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