DESTINATION x UNKNOWN - Lavender Infused heat Pack



DESTINATION x UNKNOWN is a collection of some of my favourite things all lovingly rolled into one.

Locally made Lavender infused wheat bag. As these are handmade with leftover blanket pieces from our cushions we cannot always choose which colours we will be getting.

These hand made Wheat Packs are made from Vintage Australian Wool blankets and produced in the Snowy mountains NSW.

*** PLEASE NOTE - if you require it to be a gift for a female/male please let me know and I'll try to put in an appropriate colour otherwise we just pack what is available. The colours change all the time and being made from vintage wool blankets it will be what colours I have in stock at the time -  these pics are not necessarily what you will receive. 

Each one is unique and exclusive to DESIGN & DETAIL.

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