These natural white and brown spotted Icelandic sheepskin rugs are a one-of-a-kind natural beauty offering rustic charm combined with an inviting textural appeal.

Ethically sourced from the Glaciers of Iceland, each hide has its own distinct spotted pattern character.

The trademark long shaggy fleece of the Icelandic sheepskin brings with it a 'Scandi' look that is also luxuriously soft and cosy. 

This beautiful hide is a by- product from the meat industry. Its very creation reduces potential landfill, hence playing an active role in preserving our environment.

We work with the world's leading tanneries that abide by strict guidelines to ensure the processing of this rug is environmentally safe, being free from harmful chemicals. We want you to enjoy your rug knowing it is both a sustainable product and safe for you to enjoy.


Approximate size 100cm - 110cm x 80cm.


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