LIVING IN THE LANDSCAPE - Extraordinary rural homes in NZ and Australia

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In recent years, living in the big cities of Australia and New Zealand has become unaffordable to many. However, thanks to recent developments in the countries’ transport infrastructure, living in rural towns is now an attractive and viable option. Not only confined to empty nesters, this sea change has sparked a new generation of professionals moving to the country and subsequently commissioning bold and beautiful architect-designed homes.

Living in the Landscape explores thirty such homes overlooking remote island clifftops, tucked into escarpments or seemingly dropped into the rainforest somewhere in Australia or New Zealand. Rather than romanticizing the bush and shack vernacular, the authors examine how architects use various naunced landscape conditions as inspiration and as sites for creativity. The complexities of the landscape with its beautiful yet often harsh physicality, questions of sustainability and climate change, and an understanding of the indigenous relationship to landscape are all thoughtfully considered.

From the archetypal rural farm shed to Glenn Murcutt-inspired buildings designed with the philosophy of touching the earth lightly, to sculptural glass and metal dwellings that dramatically contrast with the landscape, this book celebrates the multitude of ways in which landscape and architecture intersect. In an age where we are increasingly aware of our relationship with the environment, these breathtaking homes exemplify the possibilities of living with the land.

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