Nothing says snug like an escape in the middle of nowhere. Leave your phone at home, jump in your RV, and go wherever meets the eye. When you get there, put your feet up and relax. Roam the open fields, take a break underneath an ancient tree and learn all its secrets. The great outdoors are called that for a reason.

Our Arne set is up for the challenge with wonderful earthy and jewel tones, it will strengthen your bond with nature and ensure your getaway is as sung as can be.

  • Features: stylish nordic pattern, soft-touch,  comfortable, warm, durable, unisex
  • Material: wool, acrylic, polyester, elastane
  • Sizes 
    • Medium: Men's US size 5-8. Women's US size 4-9
    • Large: Men's US size 9-11. Women's US size 10-12
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