Dulce: size 80cm

A colour scheme of black and pink is always an elegant choice and our ‘Exeter’ polo belt clearly illustrates this.

Made of premium grade Havana brown Argentine leather, this luxurious accessory features an Aztec-inspired geometric diamond design – handwoven into the buttery soft leather with black and pink wax-dipped saddlery threads.

The ‘Exeter’ belt is part of pampeano’s Oxford University college polo belt collection - named after Exeter College. It was founded in 1314 by the Bishop of Exeter as a place to educate the clergy. Today it excels in all areas. Famous alumni include William Morris, J R Tolkien and Philip Pullman.

The black and pink effect of the Exeter polo belt makes for a sophisticated and striking Argentine-inspired look which cuts a dash when paired with both smart and casual attire.

This traditional polo belt pattern is synonymous with pampeano, and is woven completely by hand by highly skilled artisans in South America, in a traditional process which takes four to five hours to complete each belt.

The intricate, Aztec diamonds are a traditional depiction of the Andes mountain range. The local artisans were inspired by the peaks and troughs which stand against the infinite horizon line.

The leather used on a pampeano polo belt is unparalleled. Only the most exquisite pieces are hand-selected for use. The surface is unblemished, the colour is rich and the handle is supple and buttery. One of its finest characteristics is that it improves with age, creating a patina of memories through its years of wear thanks to the traditional and lengthy vegetable tanning process that it undergoes.

Each polo belt from pampeano is completed with a signature antique brass coloured buckle and is hand-stamped with the iconic tree and horizon line logo which is subtly visible on the tongue of the belt, and can be used as a mark of assurance for the finest, authentic and artisanal craftsmanship.

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