PHYLLI Designs - DIAMONDS & PEARLS Hat #184 SIZE 55cm

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Handmade Hats by PHYLLI Designs

Signed and numbered #184 size 55cm

- Premium felt in Eucalyptus (variations available)

- Japanese grosgrain band in Salmon

- Sari silk trimming in Cream and Candy pattern

- Silver oversized pin featuring pearl beading, silver pendant charms and chains

- 100% silk lining and leather sweatband

10cm high crown (variations available)

- 8cm wide brim (variations available)


**Sizing tip - Whatever your measurement, add 1cm to determine your correct hat size. eg head measurement of 57cm wears size 58 hat. Whilst the leather sweatband inside your hat will help mould to your head over time, hats do not stretch.

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