PLUKT - Organic Nordic Green Tea - 25 BAGS in TIN

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The unique Fireweed (UGUNSPUĶE) herb has a semi-sour, dry taste.  Its energy boosting, metabolic improving and aromatic properties have made it a very popular choice in the Nordic and Baltic countries where people have long enjoyed herbal teas made from wild herbs. 


Naturally rich in minerals, the Fireweed in this tea has been naturally dried, giving it similar characteristics to traditional green tea, but without the caffeine.   It is lightly coloured with a light, slightly citric aftertaste.  Given its energy boosting properties, its best consumed during the day.


This beautiful tin contains 25 biodegradable tea bags.


Please read our disclaimer regarding the health properties of this tea before purchasing.



This naturally gathered tea is very concentrated and may be brewed up to three times.

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