Size: 30cm

Hand made in Tasmania by a local artisan from Stainless steel and Tasmanian fallow deer antler.

These handmade utensils are exclusive to DESIGN & DETAIL and represent incredible value for money.

Each handle is individually designed & unique.

Hand made in Tasmania using native fallow Deer Antler, this Bread Knife has Antler that has been chosen for its ergonomic shape as well as quality & colour.
The Stainless Steel 8.5 inch blade is crafted by one of the few remaining Hand Cutlers in Sheffield, home of the best quality Stainless Steel with the Sheffield Stamp
These Bread Knives are made to the highest possible standards and are of the finest quality available.

Give your guests a true sense of your rustic style and love of the outdoors. This product also makes a wonderful, unuique gift. Hand washing is always recommended with any antler product.

Please note - each one is unique and different and we cannot guarantee an exact item. If you require a specific item or large quantities please contact the shop direct via email or phone with your preference.

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