Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor. I like a bit of archi porn as much as the next person but this book trumps all those all those slick magazines.

The judiciously curated international selection definitely deserves the term Superhouse. What’s great about McCartney’s choice is that the houses are diverse in style, scale, materials and settings from urban to bush. Styled to show something of their owners taste, they are not over-dressed.

The photography too, by Richard Powers, has a restrained austerity instead of ramping up the glam factor, allowing the eye to rest on the good bones and details that make each house unique. The text has a breezy tone amplifying and complementing the images without resorting to design jargon and hyperbole. There’s plenty of context and comment about the challenges of the design brief and the collaborative process.

This is an inspiring, sumptuous, considered collection. The large format has an appropriately expansive and generous feel, as if you really were staring through a big window into these remarkable homes.
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