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Description: Answering the Existential Question of What the F*** to Do with Your Life with Spot-On Humor (and Profanity) If you've tried and failed to find your purpose in life, you're going to need expert help. From the author of What the F*** Should I Make For Dinner?, this laugh-out-loud career guide will set you straight. The quick-flipping guide to 50 different careers will include: A brief career quiz, much like the ones you take in high school, that helps readers figure out where to start Background on each career Tips on how to breaking into the industry Who should pursue it, who should avoid it (Fake) testimonials and success stories from select careers What the F*** Should I Do With My Life? is less of a self-help book, and more of a forcefully-tell-you-what-to-do book, because if you were so great at helping yourself, you'd be the one writing the book.
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