From Jérôme Tanon, the visionary behind 2016's satirical docu-shred masterpiece "The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding" comes a stylistic hardcover celebration of women's snowboarding. 

For more than a decade Jérôme Tanon has trained his lens, both in filmmaking and photography, on riding culture in a way that exposes an uncommon tapestry of personality, emotion, talent and brevity in order to broadcast the more compelling aspects of our shared snowboarding experience.

Over the last two years Jérôme has dedicated his craft to capturing the trials and triumphs of those women who challenge themselves and the perceptions of what is possible on a board every time they strap in. The result is "Heroes" a first of it's kind, 288 page hard cover book that is aesthetically engaging, intimate and above all else inspiring.

In addition to the photography of Jérôme Tanon "Heroes" brings together a cadre of female creators who are not only the subjects of the action imagery but also the authors and illustrators adding an authenticity to the storytelling.

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