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“Imagine a small store that feels like it ‘s there just for you “


From climbing trees as a kid to travelling the world as a Ski Instructor, my dreams and desires have influenced me in what I have always wanted and loved to do. The thought of being in an office from nine to five never resonated with me. Instead I decided to open my own shop in Jindabyne. This has allowed me to bring my love of all things unique and desirable for others to enjoy….that was 21 years ago!
At Design & Detail we believe in a simple honest approach where quality and utility are intrinsic. We endeavour to search out specialist makers from around the world, many who continue to manufacture their goods in the traditional way to their original designs.
From homewares to clothing we offer an evolving selection of timeless products which celebrate functional design and are therefore appropriate in a traditional or contemporary environment.
A carefully chosen assortment of new and vintage items, some familiar, others to be discovered. Everyday classics which will not date but will mellow and improve with age and are destined to become favourites.
We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers so please contact us directly if there is something you are looking for!
Our online store is open 24/7, but if you are in Jindabyne please come and visit us.
I’d love to see you here!
Diana xx

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