l've been painting and drawing for as long as l can remember - it's something very near and dear to me. l developed a natural skill for art from a very young age and l became intrigued with all things art. By the time l was fifteen l had left school and landed a full time job in a small animation studio in Sydney that produced animated commercials for television. l was basically self-taught and very passionate about my craft. l won my first award for animation when l was eighteen.As the years went on, the company expanded and l became a director, my specialty being a combination of live action and animation. This was my profession for nearly forty years, winning various awards along the way, most notably a Clio award, a Mobius and Director of the Year.Throughout my career my passion for painting took a backseat. .Portraiture is one of my strengths and l've been fortunate to be selected as a finalist in the Percival Portrait Prize, the Shirley Hannan, and twice semi-finalist in the prestigious Doug Moran National Portrait Award.

l'm a regular finalist in the ''Bald Archies'', a cheeky alternative to the famed Archibald.

ARCHIBALD FINALIST 2017:Born in Sydney in 1958, Meatchem studied for a year at the Julian Ashton Art School. After a 40-year career as a director of television commercials, he recently took up painting full-time. 

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