Ever since i could get my chubby little fingers around a pencil i've felt a strong connection and desire to go to work. Art has helped me achieve everything i have and the person i've become to this day. Art took me to college which led me to become an art director for 16 years and creative director for another 15. RMIT Graphic design is where i met my lovely wife, a terrific and inspirational painter herself. Over the last 3 years i have finally been given the opportunity to invest more time in the medium I love most - "paint" and i'm relishing the challenges that i plan to navigate in the years ahead. 

Working from a wonderful studio on Mount Eliza Vic, I have been focussing on topics that bring joy to my life and hopefully others too. Having a ‘graphic design’ art background, I look to colour and form to compose and frame my paintings. Our beaches in summer and snow-covered slopes in winter provide the ideal setting for me. Adopting a “birds-eye” view and choosing largely monochromatic backdrops allows me to introduce bursts of colour in the shape of people, beachgoers and skiers, whilst maintaining a slightly unconventional representation of the Australia landscape genre.

Keeping contemporary design in mind, my aim is to introduce some of lifes little pleasures into the modern home. Responses to date have been very encouraging, and I hope each piece continues to bring some of those favourite memories and experiences to life for others. 

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