Founded in 2011, ELMS+KING is a contemporary lifestyle brand focusing on women’s accessories and clothing. Both nationally and internationally recognised, ELMS+KING is known for delivering products that have a modern design ethos and are individual in their signature look. Our commitment to design and quality is what sets us apart.

We are a family owned & operated business and our success is built in part by a focus of supporting other family owned & operated businesses. All design development is carried out by our team in Sydney and we work closely with our production partners, based both locally and overseas. We have long standing relationships with all our suppliers, with a strong mutual understanding of our commitment to “slow” production methods.

For our accessories, we are currently actively transitioning to the use of 100% recycled polyurethane material (vegan leather) and packing materials, in addition to reducing the amount of packaging materials used. Our apparel ranges focus on natural fibres, with all collections produced to order, hence cutting down on oversupply.

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