Gillian Jenkins is a contemporary artist currently living in Cooma, She has exhibited extensively throughout Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. And recently has had the honour of exhibiting her work in New York with classical pianist Margin Alexander's performance 'Atelier'. An online performance shown in September 2021. 

Gillian currently hold a B.A in Fine Arts and a Masters in Art Education and Therapy. Past exhibitions have include 'solo' and group shows. Gillian has worked extensively on Marion community art projects. And is most proud of curating the annual Sydney Centra Mental Health Art/ writing exhibitions held at the NSW Writers Centre whilst working at Rozelle Psychiatric Hospital 1995-2005. Gillian's work in the community continues. And at present Gillian teaches the Monaro Art Group and is currently the Vice President with the MAG Gallery Cooma NSW. 

Since living in Cooma, Gillian has been the recipient of numerous art awards and exhibited in many group shows across the Monaro region. Gillian has been exploring Post Colonialism in Art. She has developed and curated a series of exhibitions under the umbrella theme of 'On the Monaro' held each year at the Raglan Gallery Cooma. Exhibitions titles include 'Man Made Marks on the Monaro' 2015. Followed by 'Animals on the Monaro', 'Women on the Monaro', 'Politics', 'Humour' and 'Satire on the Monaro', and the fundraiser, RSPCA on the Monaro'. Gillian's work employs a range of methods and techniques. She continues to make use of found materials that are appropriate to the theme she is working on, therefor each piece is quite unique. 

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