What does an architect's dream house look like? Explore the homes of thirty of the world's most talented architects.

Inventive and imaginative homes in 17 different countries. Spacious or frugal, ambitious or modest, refined or rough-edged, daring or reductive, the inspiring buildings in Architects' Housesare unique in design concepts, details, and materials, and how they interact with their landscape.

A treasure trove of ideas for homeowners, practitioners, and interior designers. Architects' Houses is richly illustrated with photographs, sketches, and plans. Learn how established architects design their own homes' design.

Explore the creative process and influence of architects' houses over the past two hundred years. From Jefferson's Monticello to the creations of Charles and Ray Eames, Toyo Ito to Frank Gehry. This generously illustrated book brims with ideas and inspiration as these architects' houses show different answers to the question: how can a house enrich lives and its natural surroundings?

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