JACOB SHEEPSKIN - Natural White #8


Ethically sourcing exquisite natural Jacob sheepskin hides to add an element of inviting warmth and textural interest to any setting. The mottled tones of each hide are unique, as too are its organic shape, size and markings. These nuances are a reflection of the hide's character and true beauty. Style a Jacob sheepskin in the home as either a cosy floor rug or soft throw over furniture.

Approximate size of each hide measures 115cm x 75cm which varies due to it being 100% genuine and natural.

Like all our hides, this rug is created from an animal hide by-product, ensuring that rather than go to landfill, it is transformed into something to be enjoyed for many years to come.

In addition to being a sustainable home decor accent, each hide has undergone a stringent tanning process free from harmful chemicals and dyes to ensure it is environmentally friendly and perfectly safe for people and pets to use.


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