• This grizzly beast wants to take refuge in your toolbox
  • Beneath the adorable exterior lies a lean, mean DIY machine
  • Split this cuddly bear into three parts; head, torso and toes
  • Behold six different types of screwdriver
  • Includes two Phillips, two Slotted and two Hex and Ratchet tools
Is your toolbox looking a little stern? A little too hard-nosed. An ugly mass of churning, gloomy steel. These delightful cuddly critters can help with that.

Each of these grizzly beasts has a belly full of screwdrivers. Boasting anatomy far more exciting than Optimus Prime himself, their adorable figures pop apart into three separate parts: head, torso and feet.

Lo and behold, the head of this cutester contains nothing less than a two-way ratchet screwdriver. Between this critter's torso and feet you've got two Phillips, two Slotted and two Hex screwdrivers.

These cherubic bundles of convenience are sure to chirp your toolbox right up.
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