Meet Lara,

I live on a farm in Dalgety NSW at the bottom of the Snowy Mountains not far from a Jindabyne with my husband and baby girl. She also works at the local Servo and I spotted these Neck coolers she was wearing one day and thought I’d try. I’m hooked and started selling them in my shop - she also sells on Facebook and I love ❤️ that her little family can get these much wanted water tanks from the sales of her product.
Thankyou to all my amazing buyer's
You have changed my life our new water tanks arrived today thanks to the sale of neck coolers xxxxxx

I make these neck coolers from micro water beads that swell and hold water when soaked - perfect for Farm work, bush walking hot kitchens, hot flushes headache etc

All come with an instructions card
High quality micro water beads
(not cheep slimy garden crystals)
100% cotton

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